Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sean Lowe: The player you never saw

America's golden boy and current bachelor Sean Lowe might not be as perfect as it seems. Several sources have indeed confirmed that he has dated loads of woman. And according to himself, these woman have had every possible ethical decent. Which actually does make him look even more like Americas sweetheart, if it wasn't for the numbers...

But one think that shocks me the most is definitely the hook up of august last year at a charity event. According to Hollywood life, Sean Lowe met former contestant Jenna Burke, a blogger that was on Ben's seasion of the bachelor, and they immediately hit it off. Things got hot and steamy and Jenna went back with Sean to his hotel after the event.

The next day Sean completely ignored Jenna, and did not talk to her at all the following event. Jenna was obviously hurt by this, and it did seem like Sean was only looking for a one-night stand. Not a very Sean-like behavior or something we would expect from him.

Jenna, despite the humiliation and hurt, went so far as to ask or even beg producers to cast her on the Bachelor as Sean had told her that the was going to star in the reality series starting this January (2013).

Sadly for Jenna, the producer refused to put her on the show again. And it does seem like Sean has his hands full with the current woman as well as former contestant Kacie B. (who did get voted of this week).

What do you guys think. Was this bad boy behavior from Sean? Is he not as innocent as he is portrayed on the ABC hit show?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bachelor Sean Lowe and the Six Flags shenanigans

Ok, is it just me or sometimes when you watch the bachelor or bachelorette it's toe cringing? Last nights episode was no less that full blown gimme-a-foot-rub-please.
So the episode starts with Sean shirtless, again. Nothing new here, just pointing out the obvious. As a matter of fact Sean posted on his blog a video of him hula-hooping as a work-out routine for his perfect abs. Gotta go get me some rings.

The first date of this week goes to Lesley M., political consultant. She looks very young and somewhat intimidated by Sean. Wouldn't we all be? But she is acting a bit like a star-struck teenager, and I don't see this relationship going all the way. And what's up with the no eye contact from Lesley's as well? Is it the cameras, or she is just very shy. Either way date seemed decent, but there is no way Sean is going to pick her.

Next date is the most important date of these bachelorettes lives (according to themselves). And we see all these 1069 woman, competing for Sean lows heart and buff body, strutting around the beach looking gorgeous (Every time I hear Sean saying: 'This process is difficult', this image will now come to mind and thousands of men around the globe are probably going: Seriously dude?!).
They are playing volleyball for more time with Sean and half the team gets sent home by the Chris H. (every time he appears the girls look like someone stole their popsicle).

Half the ladies move on to the date night with Sean, at his bachelor pad. And here Kacie B. blows it big-time. Looking kind of freaky with her eye makeup under construction, she truly does look like the crazy girl that Sean points out she has become. She decided to bring the drama between Des and Amanda to Seans attention, girl did you learn nothing from you own season (Emily O'brian deja-vue)? Kacie comes off as bitchy, not to bright and much less sweet that I had pinched her out to be. Major turn-off and Sean sends her packing just before handing out the roses.

Before that Sean goes on a date with personal organizer AshLee (don't we all wish our things were organized and neatly folded, and everything kept in boxes with tags on them). Mr. Lowe and box-tag both look amazing! On a smaller note, I would have douched-out the one from the production crew that let me go to six flags in that dress! Before this though, Tierra chooses to dive down the stairs instead of walking, but seems to be fine after the paramedics come and want to take her away. With a face that reads no-one takes me away from my man, she stays in the mansion getting some one-on-one cuddling time with bachelor Sean. Sneaky Earth-woman.

Finally Sean and Ash-anizer get going and their date is cute, with two girls, with chronic illnesses, each others best friends online. They looked like they all had a blast. One thing that stood out to me was when Sean asked "how many kids do you want?" and AshLee goes "As many as.... my husband and I decide to have.." DOH. Did she really want to say as many as possible? Or where did that answer come from?!

After that there is the cocktail party followed by the infamous rose ceremony. As stated earlier Sean send Kacie B., who seems to be wearing a scuba diving outfit as a dress, packing with look that says we are better of as friends. Kacie B. seems quite ok, and mentions that this is not for her and Sean, 'right now'. Ok, so I am totally looking forward to when that happens.

Also going home is Taryn and model-Kristy, who is far less gorgeous that most of the girls in house (read: wow Selma is stunning). I can't wait for next weeks episode, I want to see more of Leslie2, Catherine, Selma and of course Tierrrrraaa.

What do you think about this nights episode? Was I the only one embarrassed by these awkward bachelor set-up situations?

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